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Clerical mistakes to be corrected in Australian law

Clerical mistakes to be corrected in Australian law

Ahead of next week’s ‘repeal day’ in Australia, where the government plans to remove over 9,000 regulations, it appears that grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are a big part of the exercise.

The move, which will also see words that have changed over time being replaced or axed from the books, has been entered into Australian statute as the first revision bill of the process. Explaining exactly what is going on, a memo stated:

“[The bill will] correct technical errors that have occurred in acts as a result of drafting and clerical mistakes and to repeal spent and obsolete provisions.”

Among the mistakes to be corrected is the use of the term ‘e-mail’. This will be replaced with ’email’, and will affect 11 clauses across various forms of legislation.

Another change, which will see 16 clauses in legislative pieces be amended, will replace the phrase ‘facsimile transmission’ with the more modern ‘fax’.

A lot of time and effort has clearly been put into the bill, with relatively minor grammatical errors and missing commas being corrected. However, such actions would make sense to firms across the world using search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting services.

Whether for laws or news feeds, getting the correct words delivered in the right way is important. It may not save firms the AU$1bn the Aussie government is predicting from the ‘bonfire of the regulations’ campaign, but it could well secure that all important sale.

Further than this, well delivered and engaging content also drives traffic, which is only ever going to be of great benefit to organisations.

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