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CIA spook cooks up plan to silence The Donald

CIA spook cooks up plan to silence The Donald

A former CIA agent has come up with the perfect plan to shut down Donald Trump’s early morning tweet frenzies: buying up Twitter itself and kicking him off the service.

Valerie Plame Wilson worked covertly for the intelligence agency before her career was cut short by “Plamegate”, where she was outed by journalist Robert Novak. It’s been suspected that the leak occurred as revenge for an opinion piece in the New York Times, where she accused the United States Government of manipulating evidence about weapons of mass destruction in order to justify an attack on Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Now, she has a new cause. On August 18, Wilson announced that she was raising funds to purchase the social media platform via Twitter itself:


Wilson launched a GoFundMe campaign, and is asking for a mere billion dollars. She calls out Trump for encouraging violence against journalists, creating an atmosphere where white supremacists are allowed to thrive and endangering the human race by threatening thermonuclear war with North Korea.

However, she also attacks Twitter itself, for not deleting Trump’s account. The Donald, former reality TV star and current leader of the free world, has amassed a following of 36.7 million users, but speculations are rife that many of these are bots. According to Twitter Audit, this figure could be as high as 55%, meaning 15 million of his followers are fake.

At the time of writing, Wilson has received pledges worth $65,826 – a mere drop in the bucket. However, if she were to hit her target, she would still have to find a few more bucks to make the asking price; Twitter’s market cap is currently at $12bn. Wilson is realistic about this, but she thinks that her target is enough to buy a significant stake in the company, and give her the ability to raise the idea of banishing Trump from the site at a shareholder meeting.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, spokesperson for the White House, has dismissed the campaign as “ridiculous” and suggests that American citizens are happy with Trump’s chosen method of communication. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has also gone on record as saying that Trump’s suggestions of violence did not break its rules.

Although it looks unlikely that Wilson will hit her target, she’s reassured everybody that if her target is not reached – or if there is a surplus of cash – all money raised will go to Global Zero, an anti-nuclear war nonprofit organisation.

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