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Choosing quality over quantity when creating content

Choosing quality over quantity when creating content

The amount of digital content out there for the public to consume is endless, with a lot of companies opting for quantitative content over qualitative.

However, this could be doing more damage to your website than improving it, which is why it is essential to find a suitable balance between quality and quantity.

Overwhelming your audience with content will harm your website’s performance, especially if it is unnecessary content. It will reduce your chances of being found through search engines, and anyone that does find your website will find it very difficult to find what they are looking for by filtering out irrelevant information.

Furthermore, Google has recently begun to identify high quality content and reward it by making sure quality is prioritised over quantity when it comes to browsing the internet. So, essentially, Google is encouraging you to make your content more concise, making it more relevant to your audience and easier for them to consume.

In summary, it is beneficial to ensure that any future content is not too overwhelming, which will provide your audience with a more positive experience when visiting your site. It could also be useful to review any existing content and remove any “filler” content, which will make it more concise, and provide the user with what they want by giving them easy to consume content. This should amount to larger amounts of website traffic, resulting in better website performance overall and, hopefully, leading to more conversions through the site.

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