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Choosing a voice or style for SEO

Choosing a voice or style for SEO

One of the first things that can turn visitors away from a website is the tone of voice. This is a subjective aspect of the content, but SEO could be undermined if visitors arrive and immediately feel alienated. Creating the right voice is a skill that SEO copywriting experts are able to provide and is one reason why it can be beneficial to outsource content writing rather than attempting a DIY approach.

Variations in tone can be quite great even for websites that might seem fairly similar at first glance. This is because the same products and services can appeal to different kinds of people not all of whom approach them in the same way. For example, a website selling running gear to hardened fell runners, who sprint across mountain ranges in all weathers, would almost certainly require a different turn of phrase from a site which could at first glance appear to be selling similar running gear, but is in fact intended to appeal to urban runners who prefer the latest designer clothing for running laps in the park and training in the gym.

A professional UK copywriter would be the sensible choice if the tone of a site is going to be crucial in attracting the right customers. The client will be the one who knows best exactly what kind of people make up the website’s target audience, so a close collaboration between writer and client is required in order to produce the desired result in terms of content.

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