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Chicken looks to get as many Twitter fowl-lowers as possible


Chicken looks to get as many Twitter fowl-lowers as possible

While animals with Twitter accounts is nothing new – see @BronxZoosCobra, which has 166,000 followers – we can assume that they don’t type out their own tweets. Until Betty the Australian chicken had an account, that is.

The domesticated fowl is the bright idea of Chicken Treat, a fast food chain based down under. It’s the company’s aim to get Betty into the Guinness Book of Records by becoming the first hen to post an authentic tweet.

The plan relies heavily on the Infinite Monkey Theory – that is, a monkey randomly hitting keys on a typewriter will produce any given text, such as William Shakespeare’s complete works, if given an infinite length of time. In Betty’s case, she’s set up with a chicken-sized office consisting of a computer, desktop lamp, picture and somewhat randomly, a washing machine, and is left to peck at a computer keyboard and hit the keys with her feet.

For Betty to claim the record, her proper tweet must include a five-letter English word that is recognised by dictionaries. So far, with more than 700 tweets posted, she has met little success, with sample tweets being:


However, the signs are promising, as she has managed to type out the words ‘few’ and ‘bum’ in separate postings.

The chicken has managed to amass more than 37,000 followers so far, all of whom are no doubt waiting with baited breath for Betty to claim the record.

So far, Chicken Treat hasn’t hinted at Betty’s future should she manage to hit the magic five letter word target, but a Facebuck-buck-buck account may not be beyond the realms of possibility.

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