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Check your code for SEO mistakes

Check your code for SEO mistakes

Did you know that errors in your site’s code could be getting in between your website and the ranking you deserve? Efficient coding is essential when it comes to communication with the search engines. If your site cannot communicate effectively with the search engines, you can say goodbye to the ranking you desire.

Errors occur in web page code all the time. Even when you’re using a web design package, things can go wrong. Once you get an SEO expert involved, even more errors can creep in. Although most search engine optimisation companies will perform a code check when they have finished their SEO work, your code will change again whenever you add fresh content. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of running your code through a code checker, or running it by a web programmer.

Think of it like taking your car for a service. If your car isn’t checked over regularly, you could find niggly little errors that develop into serious faults – faults that cause your car to breakdown and cause you great expense.

The effect of errors in code can be subtle, or it can be drastic. Think about it. The way in which the search engines see your site is through your code. If your code contains errors, the search engines’ view is obscured. Even beyond this, errors in code can affect how your site users view your site when their browser is unable to display the page exactly as you designed it.

A simple code check doesn’t take very long, although any errors you uncover will of course take time. In the end, it is well worth spending a little bit of time looking under the bonnet of your website and double-checking your site’s code before you go live after SEO.

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