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Cheap content is not the secret to ranking success

Cheap content is not the secret to ranking success

Google Panda is not the headline grabbing update it was but, it is still hugely relevant for companies looking to improve their rankings. Before its release, a host of firms used the services of content farms to churn out reams of text to attract visits.

Post Panda though, the value of such content was significantly reduced to almost meaningless levels, as the results were effectively stripped out of the rankings.

However, many firms not using content farms are still not getting the rankings they would hope. The reason is simple; the content they are producing is still keyword stuffed, cheaply produced and just inadequately written.

Content hosted on a site needs to compel visitors to act. Whether that act is to leave a comment, share with others or complete a purchase. It needs to grab the attention. If it doesn’t, visitors will simply get bored, move back to the SERP and even dismiss future results from the site.

This is not good for anyone responsible for the SEO. Neither is it good for the company relying on visits.

To guarantee pertinent, well written, well researched and meaningful content, hiring a dedicated writer and blogger is needed. This way, they have the time to build up that all important knowledge base, create a network, and form an opinion.

The result is the writing is much clearer, more relevant and far more likely to evoke a response. This will in turn lead to better performance in the rankings, create more visits and, so it continues.

If you’re proud of the products or services offered on the site, it is equally important to be proud of the content selling them.

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