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Cashflow 101 in Ellesmere Port

Cashflow 101 in Ellesmere Port

Cashflow-101-The-BoardLast week at StuckOn we held a game of Cashflow 101, by Robert Kiyosaki. The game is a very in-depth business game that teaches you ways to better yourself financially, and to see opportunities when they arise. Cashflow 101 is a little bit like Monopoly, but with stocks, shares, investments and property. You must build up your passive income so that you can quit your job, the ‘Rat Race’, and pursue your dream.

Robert Kiyosaki is a much talked about business and investment guru, and author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ – where he speaks about his childhood and how his two dads (one his own, and one his best friend’s dad) taught him the different ways to see money, and investment opportunities. He attributes financial success to his unique upbringing.

Rather than just being a game, Cashflow 101 is more of a business networking and mentoring event that allows people to come together and bounce ideas off each other, as well as learning about to change their lives and spot new investment opportunities.

The game is also quite rare, hence difficult to get hold of in the UK. We played our game of Cashflow 101 in Ellesmere Port, but there are networks that offer games of Cashflow 101 all over the UK. In our Ellesmere Port game we had players come from around the Wirral and Cheshire areas, from Birkenhead and Neston for example.

If you’re looking to become more financially aware and to learn to be able to spot new opportunities when they arise, Cashflow 101 is a great educational tool – and a lot of fun.

Darren Jamieson

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