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Carbon emissions to be displayed – by the wine glass

Carbon emissions to be displayed – by the wine glass

A recent innovation in wine marketing has resulted in the declaration of the carbon footprint of each glass of 125ml wine in a 750ml bottle.

The New Zealand producers of Mobius Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc will display on their labels that very information (in this case, 140g of carbon). For every glassful of this wine drunk in Australia the footprint will rise to 190g carbon emission, or the equivalent of a 5km car journey. The measure is more because of transportation costs with each export country receiving its own measure so that the consumer will be able to assess the cost to the planet. This could produce a huge surge in buying home-produced British wines rather than those of the New World that have had to travel thousands of kilometres to get here.

Consumer interest in nutritional values, price and carbon costs combines to produce a knowledgeable decision to buy. Changes are a part of life and are what keeps markets fresh and contemporary.

Web content works in the same way by informing customers of changes and new products in a company’s portfolio. Customers who shop online are careful to check their facts and would soon spot any artificial claims or articles or grammatical and spelling mistakes on a website – and these make a site look unprofessional. One way to avoid any such obvious mistakes is to outsource content writing to an article submission service who specialise in producing tailor made copy. Professional writers carefully research the client and the client’s business environment before writing anything; the product is entertaining, fresh writing that is free of basic grammar and spelling mistakes.

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