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Can you use Google Bard for your SEO campaign?

Can you use Google Bard for your SEO campaign?

In the battle of artificial intelligence tools, Google Bard, as compared to ChatGPT, has a significant advantage when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO). In this blog, we’ll take a look at why this is, how Bard may be used for SEO purposes, and whether this is a good idea for your SEO campaign.

Bard’s advantages

Bard’s dataset, being a Google invention, is vast, and includes Google Search. This means fundamentally that Bard is always gaining SEO insights directly from Google Search while it crawls across the web, indexing and ranking its webpages. With access to the live web, Bard can even offer real-time information from Google’s algorithm on search trends.

There are a number of specific areas within SEO where Bard excels. These include:

Schema markup

This refers to structured data that search engines can use to better interpret your website. Bard offers precise, customised schema markup to suit your site’s specific requirements, no matter your industry or field. Google’s AI (artificial intelligence) also has accurate knowledge of Google’s schema expectations, making its schema markup instantly ready to implement.

Page optimisation

You can ask Bard to analyse your site’s on-page optimisation, as well as helping with pieces of content on your site. With Bard technically being Google itself, this can be an effective way of allowing your site to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Identifying and analysing competitors

By typing in the keywords you’re aiming to target, Bard can help you identify your main SEO competitors. Once this is done, you may even ask the AI to analyse your competition’s content strategy as a way of improving your own.

Should you use Bard for your SEO strategy?

Bard, like other AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, is an emerging technology still in its infancy, so is sure to develop more in the future. It can, however, offer interesting insights that can be beneficial in SEO strategy. Unfortunately, Bard is not (yet) capable of optimising your website all on its own, and shouldn’t be relied upon to give you every answer you need to help you climb SERPs.

Exploring Bard’s true SEO capabilities, much like an excellent campaign, is best left to the professionals. At Engage Web, our approach to SEO is proven to help clients climb up rankings, bring more traffic to their websites, and find more clients. To see how we can help, talk to our SEO experts today.

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