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Can irrelevant content harm your website’s SEO?

Can irrelevant content harm your website’s SEO?

Updating your website on a regular basis is important for SEO, as many webmasters and SEO experts have come to realise. That’s why many SEO companies are offering content as part of their services, along with regular Internet marketing services such as SEO, PPC and link building.

Webmasters more than ever are realising that by keeping their websites updated they’re ensuring that Google visits the site more frequently and thus they rank better for searches. However, the type of content added is just as important the regularity with which you add it. There’s no point updating your website for the sake if it, if the content you’re adding isn’t relevant to your website.

For example, if your website is a retail site that sells fireplaces, writing about your favourite football team or which concerts you’ve been too lately won’t offer your customers any added value, and it won’t offer Google any keywords which to associate your site with. If your website is full of random information how can you expect Google to know what to rank your website for?

If your site is about fireplaces, write about fireplaces. Relevance is important just as much as keywords.

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