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Can advertisers benefit from Google’s new privacy policy?

Can advertisers benefit from Google’s new privacy policy?

A lot of people automatically think about the search engine when they think of Google but Google actually offers over 70 online services that millions of us use every day. Recent changes made by Google mean these services now have just one privacy policy instead of one privacy policy per service.

What this means for Google users is that their information can now be shared between these platforms and the adverts they see will be based on their browser data and web history. For example, if you carried out a search on Google for hotels in Chester, it is quite possible you would see adverts for hotels like this the next time you logged into your Gmail account too.

A number of Google users are horrified by this development as they feel they are now being watched by Google and it seems Google may even be in breach of European law with a full investigation now taking place.

However, who these changes will benefit is the advertisers who use Google because it means they can reach their target audiences more efficiently. If you are paying Google to advertise your business then these changes can mean a greater chance of those who see your adverts clicking on them. However, it is important that business owners do not just rely on PPC to get traffic to their websites. Online businesses need to be using a range of SEO techniques to keep visitor numbers high and it is often a combination of SEO and PPC that gives the best results.

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