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Cambridge students spend more time on Facebook than studying

Cambridge students spend more time on Facebook than studying

According to a new survey, students from Cambridge University spend more time surfing Facebook than they do actually studying. This perhaps shouldn’t come as any surprise when you consider that Facebook was invented by a student at university, Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard.

Student paper ‘The Tab’ conducted an online poll where 56.5% of students said they spent more time surfing the Internet than they did studying, and 57.4% of students even admitted that Facebook was affecting their studies.

63.9% of students cited Facebook and other social networking websites as the main websites that they spent their time on. 85% of students questioned admitted to spending more time on the Internet than they planned to whenever they logged on, and 46.3% of students admitted to being online for between four and five hours. 20% of students stated they were online for more than six hours every day.

80.56% of students admitted that addiction to the Internet exists, but 53.7% say that it shouldn’t be a clinical disorder.

How much time do you spend online on Facebook, or more importantly, how much time does your staff spend online?

  • Ive joined the ironic group lets quit facebook. If you want your profile deleting you face months of legal nonsense. The profile, even when shut down still sits in the background waiting to be reactivated. Its no wonder its become an addition.

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