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Caffeine improves proof reading skills

Caffeine improves proof reading skills

According to a new study, a daily dose of caffeine can improve your proof reading skills. The author of the study, Tad Brunye believes that caffeine increases the brain’s ability to extract meaning from spoken or written language.

Two studies were carried out, with the first study concentrating on 36 students who consumed low levels of caffeine but were given a capsule 45 minutes before taking the test. The capsules were sorted into four doses, with some containing no caffeine, some with 100 milligrams, some with 200 milligrams or 400 milligrams. The second study was conducted using 38 students who had large doses of caffeine, at least 300 milligrams regularly.

The students who consumed 400 milligrams of caffeine and regularly consumed caffeine, about 20 ounces of coffee, spotted the most grammatical errors. The students who had 200 milligrams in the group which consumed low levels of caffeine were the best performers when discovering grammatical errors. The amount of caffeine consumed, whether drinking or taking a capsule didn’t affect the student’s ability to spot spelling mistakes or similarly sounding words which were incorrectly spelt.

Caffeine has the greatest effect on people who don’t regularly drink large amounts. If you consume large amounts of caffeine, you will need to increase the amount to have an effect. If you produce your own web copy, spotting errors can be notoriously difficult, no matter how much coffee you drink daily. Outsourcing to a professional UK copywriting agency will ensure you have error free, original copy without having to stock up on caffeine.

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