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Buying time through SEO copywriting

Buying time through SEO copywriting

From content writers to candle makers, the self-employed face many distractions, especially if they work from home. The Internet is a valuable part of business life, but it is difficult to separate its useful side from its time-wasting aspects. This has become such a problem for some that software is available which disables the Internet for a timed interval, although one suspects more technically-minded folk might just spend the allotted time becoming fascinated by the challenge of working out how to get around the software.

Another occupational hazard for those who work at home is the obliviousness to working hours shown by family and friends. This is usually the self-employed person’s own fault, because by dropping work at moments of weakness in favour of outings or pub lunches, they will have inadvertently trained others to behave as if any work they do actually occurs through a magical process, possibly during sleep, and that the working day can therefore be interrupted for merrymaking at any time.

The unfortunate result of all this inefficiency is that the self-employed worker often ends up wearily toiling away at three in the morning when most sensible folk have long since nodded off. Perhaps finding a way to enforce regular hours and sticking to them is the best solution. Another idea for those who are regularly swamped with too many tasks is to outsource some of the work. Perhaps writing all the content for one’s own website is unnecessary and could be done by professional SEO copywriters instead.

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