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System Fail

Businesses lack digital expertise, study finds

System Fail

Businesses lack digital expertise, study finds

According to a recent report collated by managed cloud firm Rackspace and digital commerce consultancy Salmon, a large number of businesses do not possess the required level of expertise to successfully execute a digital strategy.

Furthermore, 19% of businesses who took part in the survey had no digital strategy in place at all. The survey conducted research into 150 UK-based companies within the retail sector, B2B firms and CPG industries.

Of the 81% that stated they had a carefully defined strategy in place, only 11% could be considered a digital expert, with the majority (57%) being hindered by not having a strong enough strategy in place or not having the ability to correctly execute the plan.

The report also analysed the problems and challenges these businesses faced when looking at a digital strategy. The main reason highlighted by almost half of the businesses (49%), was a lack of funds being allocated to executing their digital strategy.

As well as this, 38% of businesses surveyed believed that having a digital strategy in place was conflicting other identified KPIs across the company, and 27% stated poor execution and results from past digital projects to be one of the reasons why they were reluctant to adopt a digital strategy, believing it had damaged the business’ credibility.

A large number of business owners will claim that they have neither the knowledge nor the time to create and implement a strategy to boost their business’ online presence, meaning that a lot of them just leave it at that or attempt something weak that will not help the business at all.

However, executing a digital strategy can help to open new avenues for many companies, as it can give you access to a new audience and potential clientele. If done correctly, it can help to generate new revenue streams, enhance the company’s reputation and image and even be a route to improving internal operations.

Digital marketing agencies such as Engage Web are founded on the principles of the online world and are on hand to offer support to any company wishing to have an online presence. Whether you want to shake up the design of your website, provide fresh, engaging and relevant content to your readers, or even address new audiences through a social media campaign, these agencies can work alongside businesses to create a strategy to help achieve whatever goals you desire.

Alan Littler

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