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Businesses at risk of getting blogged down in the detail

Businesses at risk of getting blogged down in the detail

To really drive traffic online there is little argument that blogging regularly is a good thing to do. Indeed, recent studies have indicated that those who blog attract 55 per cent more visitors and have near a 400 per cent increase in indexed locations throughout Google.

Simply having the presence of blogs around the internet does not guarantee results though. As with anything else, they require effort and work to produce benefits.

Commented about for many years, and as much a best practice for SEO as anything else, many bloggers are dedicated to regularly updating their blogs; to keep things fresh. With a recent Google update targeted at relevant content too, updating things often is understandable.

To a certain point that is.

Though posting regular new content makes perfect sense, posting it simply to please search engines is pointless now. This worked years ago but has not been the case for quite some time. Yet still, bloggers continue to do it.

Quite simply this tactic is pointless; if the content does not interest, help, guide or entertain the human reader, it might as well not ever have been written, let alone be uploaded.

Search engine friendly content will be recognised by the crawlers, but will barely rate if people are not clicking through to it.

The real secret to a successful blog are those all important inbound links; and these are certainly not something that the search engine crawlers are going to set-up.

So yes, keeping a healthy flow to posts is good, but only if they have something to say and only humans can tell you if that is the case.

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