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Business web tone: lighten up

Business web tone: lighten up

Traditional versus internet business attitudes are a bit like the Mac versus PC ads: one comes across as staid and old-fashioned, while the other fits in seamlessly with the ideas of a new world. A large number of businesses cling to their formal image with disastrous results. Although there are some areas in which a serious tone can be an advantage, too much seriousness can hold you back.

To set the right tone:

1. Assess your market. Yours may well be one of the markets that responds well to a traditional business image. The only way to find out is analyse your competitors, and see what people are saying about your industry.

2. Sketch out a suitable image. Once you know what sort of thing your market is drawn to, you can look at aspects of your business that fit. It’s not a case of acting the way you think your target users want. Instead, look at it as showing the best side of your business possible. Insincerity doesn’t work well in search engine optimisation or social media optimisation.

3. Build it. When you have decided what sort of image you want to present, it’s time to build up a reputation. This can be done in a number of ways:

*Social media profiles – user name choice can reflect personality
*Your ‘about us’ page – choice of staff photo style can send out particular messages about your business’ personality
*Content tone.

Setting up business image is one of the subtler SEO jobs, but just as important as any other.

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