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Business owners don’t understand SEO, survey finds


Business owners don’t understand SEO, survey finds

A study into business owners’ relationship with search engine optimisation (SEO) has concluded that there is a lack of understanding surrounding the topic.

Google was launched 21 years ago in 1998, with most people using this particular search engine as their go-to place for internet searches. This makes optimising a website to be easily found within this search engine an incredibly important part of online business. This is where SEO comes in and why business owners should not only understand it, but also actively do it.

As part of the survey, digital agency Fractl spoke to just under 1,000 people (977) about their knowledge and understanding of Google and SEO. Of these 977, 394 were business owners, with 219 having five or fewer employees.

The survey asked numerous questions, both specific and general, including some asking the meaning of keywords used within SEO. When asked about why Google shows certain results above others on the results page, only 26% of business owners stated they had a ‘expert’ or ‘good’ level of understanding about why. In both the business owner and non-business owner groups, the survey concluded that most did not feel they had a grasp of how Google ordered results.

Furthermore, results suggested that business owners were aware of SEO, with 55% saying they were mostly familiar or very familiar with it. Just under 10% (9.9%) stated they were not familiar at all. However, despite more than half of business owners stating that they were aware of SEO, only 18.4% believed that SEO was ‘very important’ to their business’ health. Just over 10% (11.3%) stated that SEO was not important at all.

This shows that a lot of business owners are unaware of the effects SEO can have on their business. It can help them to rank higher within the search engines, which can in turn lead to more website visits and more opportunity to generate sales. If something was proven to help with sales and enquiries, wouldn’t you want to learn more?

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