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Bus stop leads to wrong destination

Bus stop leads to wrong destination

One resident of Ilkley, Brian Sweet contacted Wharfedale Newspapers to report a bus stop sign, which indicated that a bus would take passengers to Addington, which doesn’t exist, leading to possible confusion for travellers. The sign on the bus stop should have read Addingham, along with other routes. According to West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, the error had not been reported but they would send someone out to rectify the matter.

Other incorrect road signs have also been spotted, with one road sign in Otley showing that all roads lead to Skipton, no matter which direction drivers take. Christopher Winpenny spotted workmen erecting the sign on Leeds road which would have led to a great deal of confusion for drivers. A spokesman for Leeds City Council said that someone would be checking the road sign and making any necessary changes. The new road sign was put up to comply with the changed rules regarding reflective and illuminated road signs.

Incorrect spellings and inaccurate information can lead to confusion for people using public services. Road users rely on road signs being accurate in order to navigate their way around town. A business website relies on accuracy so that web users can navigate the website easily and are more likely to remain there. Spelling and grammatical errors will lead users to the wrong destination, leading to frustration and exiting the site. Content outsourcing to a SEO copywriter will ensure that your site contains accurate information which is optimised for the search engines and users.

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