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Brits ignore office social media bans

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Brits ignore office social media bans

According to a recent study conducted by electronics firm Samsung, British employees are amongst the most likely to disregard restrictions imposed on social media usage in the office.

The poll, conducted on 4,500 office-based workers across Europe, revealed that as many as two in five admitting to actively using social media in the workplace, despite the fact that they know it is prohibited.

Around 41% of employees admitted to accessing social networking site Facebook whilst working, while in addition, 40% claimed to access Twitter newsfeeds. The statistics also showed that 41% use video streaming sites, such as YouTube, and 39% access other messaging and mobile apps against their company policies.

Of the total workers studied across the continent, British employees ranked as the least obedient when it comes to accessing social media whilst in the office. This was followed by the Germans, with 34% ignoring these bans, followed by the Spanish (33%). However, the most obedient nation is France, with only 20% of workers knowingly disobeying orders and using social media at work.

In a further analysis of the results, Samsung suggested that employees aged between 18 and 34 are the most likely to defy company restrictions to access these websites and apps, being nearly twice as likely to disobey in comparison to other age groups.

Samsung has highlighted to news suppliers that the imposition of these restrictions showed a lack of trust by companies, with only half of those surveyed saying that their employers give them freedom of use when it comes to such technology. Approximately a fifth claimed that their employers impose extreme restrictions.

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