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Britney Spears makes money on Facebook

Britney Spears makes money on Facebook

Britney Spears has a long and sordid history with the world of SEO. When she first hit the scene as a teenager her name topped the Google search charts year after year as the most searched for keyword on the Internet, so much so that every webmaster first learning SEO in the late nineties seemed to enter the keyphrase ‘Britney Spears’ into the Keywords Meta Tag on their website.

Some even believe that it was because of Britney Spears, and her name being added to millions of websites, that the importance of the Keywords Meta Tag diminished. She was one of the first weapons in the war of black hat SEO.

Now Britney is fighting back, this time on Facebook. Britney has just launched a series of gifts on Facebook that can be purchased by her fans, or anyone who wants to give a Britney gift ironically, for $2 each. These ‘gifts’ are virtual, and are just graphics that you send to your friends so that they can display them on their profile pages.

The point of this?

Well, as Facebook has millions of users and little in the way of adverts (successful ones at least), Facebook gifts is a great money spinning industry. Britney has around 2 million fans on Facebook, and many more who wouldn’t admit to it, so if they all bought a Britney gift that would net the princess of pop a cool $4 million.

Not bad for some graphics that would have taken a first year design student 5 minutes to crank out during lunch.

Britney’s definitely getting her own back for all of that black hat SEO that used to be performed in her name.

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