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Britain boasts fastest mobile internet


Britain boasts fastest mobile internet

A new report compiled by Akamai, a US content delivery network, suggests that the UK has the quickest average mobile internet connection speeds in the world.

The news comes after a pretty miserable couple of weeks for Brits, with David Cameron resigning as Prime Minister following the EU referendum result, England’s shock exit in Euro 2016 to the hands of Iceland, and the news that the pound was at its lowest point in decades.

However, Britain can now take solace that its mobile internet connection is the best around. Akamai’s latest report about the “State of the Internet” states that British mobile internet users were able to get an average speed of 27.9 Mbps (Megabits per second) when connected to the company’s HTTP/S platform. These figures were representative of the opening quarter of 2016.

To put the speeds into context, the UK’s average speed is over 10 Mbps quicker than the averages speeds of most European countries and 20 Mbps faster than those of the United States.

In the first three months of 2016, the average connection speed in the US was just 5.1 Mbps. This figure is lower than that of countries such as Paraguay, Kenya and Turkey and is the same level as speeds in Thailand. Connection speeds for many European countries double the speed of US connections – Germany boasted speeds of 15.7 Mbps, Slovakia had speeds of 13.3 Mbps, and France boasts speeds of 11.5 Mbps.

Of the countries included in the report, the slowest speeds were those of Algeria, with average connection speeds of 2.9 Mbps – not that much lower than those of the US.

Akamai notes in its report that Singapore usually has great average mobile connection speeds in numerous other tests and reports, but in this one, it is also some way behind the UK. The Asian nation only had speeds of 6.7 Mbps. This is despite the average peak speed being a respectable 62.2 Mbps. The 6.7 Mbps of Singapore ranks it below a whole host of countries that are not know for fast internet speeds, including Russia, Peru and Angola.

Some of these anomalies may be down to the methodology behind the Akamai report, with other reports suggesting that the UK should be more towards the middle of the table, with the likes of Singapore heading the ‘league table’. However, what most reports will agree on is that the speeds of the US are lagging.

Mobile internet is becoming much more important to businesses as the world shifts from using stationary computers to using smartphones and tablets to work away from the office and on the go. Having a good internet connection speed is therefore vital to those working when mobile.

Alan Littler

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