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BrightonSEO: Key takeaways – part 2


BrightonSEO: Key takeaways – part 2

Yesterday’s blog went through two of the topics I attended talks on at last Friday’s BrightonSEO, which is the biggest search conference in the UK.

Let’s now move on to the other two topics of On-Site SEO and Local SEO.

On-Site SEO

First to talk about this subject was Luke Carthy, who explored how to make your faceted navigation on e-commerce sites search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly.

Emma Thompson that explored how you can optimise JavaScript without actually learning the programming language. The first point to remember is that almost all sites use JavaScript to make the website usable. It was reassuring to find that JavaScript doesn’t have to be scary and can be optimised to improve your page speed. A great talk!

Rounding off the On-Site SEO discussion was Hannah Fox, who explored why your clickthrough rate might be low. This talk looked at how you can improve it and get more qualified traffic by getting your brand in front of your target market throughout the buyer journey. Hannah also showed us how she managed to outrank such giants as Amazon and Waterstones.

Local SEO

The last two talks I went to were all about Local SEO and explored how you can improve your reach using Google My Business posts, and why local SEO is not just for small local businesses.

David Whatley started the Local SEO talks off with a look at a test he created to see how Google My Business posts brought traffic into a store, and the results were impressive!

He was followed by Levi Williams-Clucas, who showed why larger companies should still be using Google My Business as it will enable them to show up on local searches when customers are looking for a shop that sells their products.

So what did I learn?

Here’s a few key takeaways from the talks that I saw:

Cognitive bias

I’d never thought about cognitive bias in marketing before, but after the presentation from Kenda Macdonald, which made me more aware of how to create content that is useful for your target market and how looking at removing cognitive bias can help improve your content writing, this is something I will have in mind.

Don’t fear JavaScript

I learnt that you shouldn’t be scared of JavaScript (JS), and you don’t need to know the advanced coding behind it to optimise it for page speed and user experience.

Page speed sussed

One talk I found really useful was Joe Williams’ one on improving your mobile page speed, especially since it looked at ways to improve Core Web Vitals.

Overall, the trip to Brighton was a wonderful experience, with some amazing speakers sharing their knowledge. I’m looking forward to attending another BrightonSEO in the future.

I feel I can bring much of what I’ve picked up to my role at Engage Web, where we offer SEO services to improve your presence on search engines like Google and can increase traffic to your website. To find out more, give us a call and speak with our friendly team.

Jonathon Roberts

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