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Blogger wins compensation from Thomson for miss-sold holiday

Blogger wins compensation from Thomson for miss-sold holiday

If ever an example of the power of content on websites was required, then web designer Andrew Sharman, from Leicester, should be able to provide it. Andrew booked a holiday with his girlfriend to Tunisia with holiday company Thomson and was told that he would find cheap beer, trips to the Saraha and scuba diving.

However, Andrew found none of these things on his holiday, so decided to write a complaint letter to Thomson. This was promptly ignored by the holiday company, so a blog followed on Andrew’s website… this could not be ignored because of Andrew’s SEO expertise.

Andrew’s blog, containing the full information on his holiday experiences, what he had been promised by Thomson and how Thomson failed to deal with his complaint, could be found on Google simply by searching for ‘Thomson Tunisia trip’… appearing ABOVE the Thomson website itself.

As ever, this prompted Thomson into action and saw Andrew receive an offer of £595 from Thomson for his holiday.

Andrew stated in an interview with the Telegraph:

I got nowhere with my complaints for a month and a half but when I started beating them on Google, they wanted to talk.

If someone is trying to complain and they find themselves up against a brick wall, I’d definitely advise setting up a blog. It all went a bit mad. If you typed ‘Thomson Tunisia review’ or ‘Thomson Tunisia trip’ into Google, my site came up before theirs.

Thomson then asked Andrew if they could place an advert on his blog stating how his complaint had been resolved to his satisfaction. If everyone could write their own blogs and have them rank in Google for competitive terms, then perhaps all complaints would be resolved satisfactorily?

This shows how powerful content really is and that with the right combination of excellent, high quality content and SEO you can rank for competitive keywords and receive a lot of Internet traffic to your website.

  • […] You don’t need millions of pounds to create a website and compete against the largest websites on the Internet; you just need the right niche, the right know how and a strong SEO strategy. The Internet, and the ultimate democracy that is Google, allows lone bloggers to stand toe-to-toe with major companies, such as the incident a few weeks ago where Andrew Sharman frightened the life out of holiday company Thomson. […]

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