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Bing launches guide for webmasters

Bing launches guide for webmasters

Microsoft-fuelled search engine Bing has put out its own webmaster guidelines, it has been announced on its blog.

Offering online marketers and website owners advice and guidance on SEO best practices, the aim is to encourage better exploitation of the search engine. They are easily downloadable from the Help section of the Webmaster Tools area.

They have come in for some criticism already though.

Many feel they do got into as much detail in many areas as they could. There is little exploration of how links can be used, attracted and planted for example.

Advice in regards to search engine optimisation is taking to a higher level, though. Many technical aspects to website marketing similarly. Oddly, social marketing is given very little time in the spotlight.

According to the blurb with the guidelines though, this is all part of the design. It states:

“These guidelines cover a broad range of topics and are intended to help your content be found and indexed within Bing. These guidelines will not cover every instance, nor provide prescriptive actions specific to every website.”

It goes on to direct users to further guides already offered. However, it again states that only basic information is given, going on to further direct readers to seek out private advice from experts in the field.

Many people could rightly be wondering what the point is therefore. However, others will find the information provided useful.

It perhaps also shows that Bing is seeking to further take market share, following an increase in performance over recent months.

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