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Bing and iPhones

Bing and iPhones

Ever since the release of Microsoft’s updated Bing search engine, rumours have been rife in the SEO industry. At first, there was wild and even hopeful speculation that Bing would push Google from its place at the top of the search ladder – most of this came from Microsoft however. When it became apparent that this was not going to happen, or at least not happen as fast as some of the more outlandish commentators had predicted, rumour moved on to other areas of the net for Bing to conquer.

Now, rumour has settled onto speculation over Bing’s place in the smartphone industry. Talks have been on for a while between Microsoft and Apple about pushing Bing on the iPhone. If this change did occur, it would mean big things for Bing, and even bigger things for Google, although in the opposite direction.

Will Bing have a place on the iPhone? If so, what will that mean for search engine optimisation? Well, the jury is still out on the first question, but the answer to the second is fairly obvious. People are creatures of habit, and it’s likely that if they get used to using Bing on their iPhones they will make the jump to the new search engine elsewhere as well. As millions of people have joined in the iPhone craze, this could mean Google’s ultimate downfall… yeah, how many times has that been said?

Is it likely that Bing will replace Google on the iPhone? It’s difficult to say. Google certainly has an interest in remaining on the phone, but rivalry between Google and Apple has been hotting up. Only time will tell.

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