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Biggest online mistakes by businesses in 2014 revealed


Biggest online mistakes by businesses in 2014 revealed

While social media is often a blessing for companies, if done incorrectly it can lead to some very red faces.

The Telegraph recently listed a number of blunders that businesses made on social media platforms over the last year, with many of the culprits definitely in need of some specialist help when it comes to their online reputation management. Here are just a few:

TFL gets snippy

Transport for London (TFL), which regulates public transportation in the capital, got itself into some hot water after a reply to one of its customers was judged by many to be too glib. When a Twitter user requested that the organisation sorted out its train services so that he wouldn’t be late again, a reply from the official TFL Overground account stated that he should just leave earlier.

Many tweeters found it to be a disrespectful reply, especially as it was in regards to a scheduled service that the customer relied upon. TFL soon had to backtrack with an apology on its news feed.

Airline posts porn

American carrier US Airways found itself in a bizarre spot of bother after accidentally inserting a pornographic image into a response on Twitter. Reportedly, it had only meant to flag the original image as inappropriate, but somehow posted it into an unrelated message.

Pizza brand uses inappropriate hashtag

Showing that it is wrong for corporations to jump on the bandwagon for every hashtag, especially without establishing its context first, American pizza company DiGiorno unwittingly insulted the victims of domestic violence.

While many were sharing stories of abuse with the hashtags #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft, the firm’s official account tweeted:

“#WhyIStayed You had pizza.”

However, after realising the blunder, DiGiorno’s manager for the Twitter account apologised individually to each user who stated that they were offended by the post.

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