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Big Brother house, this is Google

Big Brother house, this is Google

One floor of Google’s London headquarters has been completely revamped to resemble an interior that’s a mix of the Starship Enterprise and Big Brother. The building in Victoria has three floors dedicated to Google employees, but an engineering floor has been redesigned and named L4. The trendy interior décor has been created to encourage the creative talents of Google employees, who invent some of the most imaginative products today.

Angular and irregular shaped sofas are placed in meeting rooms, with large numbers of cushions scattered all over. Google are determined to help their workforce relax, with a games room complete with games console, pool table and a Samsung TV that adorns the wall. A gym and a music room which is soundproofed and fitted out with a set of drums and guitars are made freely available to staff-maybe to distress perhaps?

The vice president of engineering at Google, Nelson Mattos said:

“We hire the brightest and best engineers in the UK and put them together in a highly creative, relaxed and exciting environment.”

The office is designed to be stress free, encouraging creativity and imagination. Ideas are captured in all areas of the Google office, where giant white boards are wall mounted and ready to turn ideas into reality. One room has been designed to look like the garden of the Big Brother house; it has a rowing boat and a carpet that looks just like grass.

Perhaps SEO jobs would become less complex if employees had an office that resembled the Big Brother house. Google encourages the best in its workforce with tranquil surroundings, encouraging new products and services that play an integral role in any search engine optimisation campaign.

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