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Beware of the grammar bounty hunters

Beware of the grammar bounty hunters

A new service has been launched to find spelling and grammatical errors on websites. The service gives Internet users a chance to report errors and then claim a reward for doing so. Some businesses are offering a bounty in exchange for typos and errors being discovered.

The website, TypoBounty.com encourages people to earn some extra cash, which can be exchanged for a “TBoupon”, which is their own unique term for a coupon. Internet users can also donate their rewards to a charity of their choice. The idea behind this service is to improve the content on the Internet, spotting errors and offering suggestions for correction.

Although, this service may be viewed as useful by some companies and Internet users, keeping the Internet free of errors, others may also be wary of accepting corrections from Internet users who may have limited knowledge of English grammar. Content outsourcing to a professional UK copywriting agency will ensure that your copy is free of errors, and is grammatically correct. Errors which may occur on your website create an unprofessional image for your business, which could suffer as a consequence.

Although the service may appear tempting, anyone can take part looking for errors, which will then be reported to the website owner. This takes time, with the potential error having to be verified by someone with a high level of knowledge for English grammar and spelling. Outsourcing to a professional writer who has their work edited will ensure that your website is never identified as having grammatical errors and typos, maintaining your reputation.

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