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Become the SEO James Bond for success

Become the SEO James Bond for success

Very few people realise that in order for their search engine optimisation work to have full power, they need to take on some of the qualities of James Bond. Obviously not all of Bond’s qualities apply to SEO, as those who watched him power a gondola-cum-hovercraft in Moonraker on Saturday will testify, and it’s true that not many areas of maintaining a website require the Bond charm, finesse and spying capabilities, but SEO certainly does.

Perhaps if this was more widely advertised, SEO careers would seem a little more glamorous than they currently do. Something along the lines of: SEO required, must have own tux and gadget ridden car.

I’m talking here, of course, about the spy work required when you analyse your competitors for SEO. Competitor analysis is a vital step in any SEO plan, although a lot of site owners fail to delve into it fully. Competitor analysis is one of those basic SEO jobs which can prove invaluable, but only if you use your wiles. If done well, competitor analysis should provide you with the information required to trounce the top sites in your field, taking their positions before they can say ‘Dr. No.’

Roger Moore enjoying the sights of Venice in Moonraker

How to take on this Bond persona though? First of all, spy out the competitor landscape. In Bond movies, this usually requires a tuxedo and a gold-leaf invitation, but handily competitor sites are much more accessible. After analysing their pages and source code, finesse their links list out of Google. Lacking a tool from Q in this instance, you can find plenty of free help on the net. Finally, use that famed Bond charm to gain a few of their links for yourself, place their best SEO strategies within your arsenal, save the girl and enjoy a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred.

  • What a comparison it is! If doing SEO like James Bond then We can consider the various countries shown in James series movies as various Search Engines:-)

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