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Avoid those ‘D’oh!’ moments in SEO

Avoid those ‘D’oh!’ moments in SEO

Homer Simpson doesn’t have a lot to be thanked for in this world. The Simpsons, in general, is a fairly praiseworthy show in philosophical terms. There aren’t very many situations in life that don’t relate back to a Simpsons moment in one way or another. But Homer… well, there’s really only one thing I can think of: the ‘D’oh!’ moments.

You know the ones I mean. People in IT and SEO certainly know which moments I mean. Those moments such as when you publish your site’s new page and realise that instead of publishing your wonderfully polished new homepage content, you’ve posted your email to your mother, or worse – your girlfriend. Those kinds of moments.

Most search engine optimisation or web design gurus will recommend that you publish any changes on your website in the dead of night. This isn’t just because SEO pros are old-school computer hacks who only come out at night and have coffee mainlined through an IV tube (although this is still a factor). It’s because of the ‘D’oh!‘ moment.

These moments happen to everyone. From the largest, most well-equipped corporation in the world, right down to the most devotedly run solo operation, everyone has those moments when a mistake is made, the wrong thing is posted, and the website suffers for it. Posting major site updates at night means that outright mistakes, broken links and page error messages are given time to test and fix.

Midnight is an inconvenient time to update your website, there’s no doubt about it. But it certainly saves you from making your ‘D’oh!’ moments embarrassingly public.

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