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Author claims that writers of New Testament used false identities

Author claims that writers of New Testament used false identities

Author Bart D. Ehrman has had his latest book published, entitled ‘Forged: Writing in the name of God-Why the bible’s authors are not who we think they are.’ The author and Professor of religious studies at University of North Carolina, has claimed that parts of the New Testament were written by people who claimed to be one of the apostles, but were in fact lying about their identity.

Although most people accept that there will be inaccuracies in the Bible, to accept that the Bible contains lies is a huge shock for many. In today’s society, a book written by someone who has lied about their identity is branded as a forgery, causing mistrust. However, rather than branding the Bible a forgery which is based on lies, modern scholars use the term ‘pseudepigrapha’. This literally translates as ‘writing that is inscribed with a lie’.

Although the writers of the New Testament could be labelled as fallible human beings who acted as they did in good faith, the writer of web content who lies would be surely condemned as unprofessional and untrustworthy. All content on your website should be original work and not duplicated content. Search engines don’t look favourably on duplicated content, penalising the website. A professional content writer will create original content that is informative and appealing to website traffic, without claiming to be anyone else. Content outsourcing to a reliable and trusted party allows you to display articles without fear of being accused of plagiarism, which could cost you your reputation.

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