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Attracting regular readers to your website

Attracting regular readers to your website

On the Internet there is probably a relatively small number of sites that you visit regularly, compared with the millions of websites from which you could choose. The difference between a person’s favourite sites and the rest generally boils down to the content. If a site holds interesting information that is well-written and frequently updated, then it is hard to resist returning to see what new delights are in store. A degree of trust between reader and article writer builds up, which is maintained as long as the reader’s expectations continue to be met.

Trust and loyalty from visitors are extremely valuable for a website, and it is worth investing in content for this reason alone. However, there are additional benefits of using content produced by writers who have learned their craft well. Optimisation for SEO, and the more general marketing advantage of having a site that users want to tell their friends about, are probably essential for a site to succeed.

When a reader finds the words on a site intriguing, engaging and relevant, they are more likely to take the time to read them thoroughly. This might involve happily reading longer pieces of text than is typical for Internet surfers, with their tendencies to skim text and skip past anything longer than a paragraph or two. As a reader becomes more involved and spends longer on a website, the connection to a site deepens. With such a difference in visitor experience resulting from richness of content, it makes sense to use skilled UK copywriters to produce it.

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