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Attack of the late-night Gremlins

Attack of the late-night Gremlins

We’ve all had it happen, and recently it happened to me. It was a long day, the computer screen was bright, my headache was pounding and suddenly, they pounced on me: The late-night gremlins.

Late-night gremlins are exactly what you’d imagine them to be; troublesome, annoying and a particularly sickly shade of green. They have a tendency to creep up on you when you least need it. Even worse, they can lay the sort of traps that will adversely affect your search engine optimisation.

People in SEO and other information technology-related industries are particularly prone to late-night gremlins. Being used to them, we can cope with them fairly easily. Site owners performing SEO, however, may have a harder time dealing with them.

Why would site owners need to deal with late-night gremlins during their SEO? The situation partially comes about due to SEO advice. It’s always a good idea to update your site in the night-time, when alterations in progress will be seen by fewer site users. If you publish your site in the middle of the day, and pages freeze all over the place while the site is updating, Internet users may be permanently put off. This can have a big, bad effect on your search engine optimisation.

Publishing at night is a good idea, but it’s important to be aware of late-night gremlins. These critters can cause you to make errors when updating your site or content, many of which you may miss. Tiredness has an undoubted affect on the human brain. Don’t let it have an effect on your website or its rankings.

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