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Ask yourself these questions about your web design mock-ups

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Ask yourself these questions about your web design mock-ups

After a web designer has taken all your requirements, they will usually go away and create mock-ups to help visualise the look you are going for, often giving you several options to select from.

As a business owner, the direction you want your website to take is up to you, so in this post, we will be discussing the different factors to consider before settling on your final website design.

The first is whether the brief has been correctly understood and implemented into the proposed designs. Does the website fit the style of your company? At Engage Web, we sit down and talk with our customers to best understand their requirements. Should there be any discrepancies, now is the time to voice them. These mock-ups are ways of visualising what your site will look like, so may only be missing certain features due to its early stage.

When you have the different proposals in front of you, that’s the time consider your company branding. For instance, do you already have colour-coordinated products you sell, or perhaps online content with brand colours? Does it have typography that fits your messaging? You would want to consider how well these factors from your existing material work with the newly proposed website design. Are you seeking a new breath of life into your website, or looking for something that fits existing schemes?

On that subject, content has a big influence when it comes to getting a new website design created. You need to ask yourself whether existing content is to be migrated across into the new design, or is new content being created to fit the revamped site? Such factors have a big impact on the direction a website can take.

Also, is your design going to work across all devices? This is a technical question, but one to voice during such meetings. Mobile website traffic accounts for over 50% of global website traffic, so you need to ensure your website is optimised for all devices. No matter the business, people want to find your website on the go, and it must be responsive to provide that functionality.

As a final question, think about whether a new website design achieves the goal you need it for. Consider what the aim is for the new website – why is it being created? What does your existing website fail to achieve? Have questions like these in the back of your mind when browsing mock-ups so you remain focused on the website’s goal.

Of course, for any questions you have about web design, the team at Engage Web is here to listen and help.

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