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Ask questions with content, get replies with comments

Ask questions with content, get replies with comments

Getting people to post comments on your blog is a great way of receiving free content. The comments act as content for your site, they can be searched for and found within Google and it keeps your page updated regularly. However, getting people to post comments on your blogs can be difficult, aside from the normal spam that you can expect to receive of course.

One way to get more comments for your website is to pose the reader with questions. If the reader feels that they are being asked for their opinion, they’ll be more inclined to give it. You can do this by phrasing your post title as a question, setting out to answer that question, but rounding off by asking for further feedback from readers.

For example, rather than having a title that reads ‘Jenson Button is the best F1 driver’ you would phrase the post title as ‘How good an F1 driver is Jenson Button?’.

The article would then offer facts and opinion on Jenson Button’s skill and round off by requesting input from others.

The real key is the last line of the article. If it’s definitive in its makeup it will dissuade people from posting a comment, unless of course it really flames them to do so, but that’s another article altogether.

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