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Are your landing pages user-ready?

Are your landing pages user-ready?

When an internet user clicks on a link, they have specific aims in mind. When they land on your landing page, they’re looking for specific things. For many sites, landing pages simply aren’t ready to greet the specific needs of users.

Site owners can’t use psychic powers to meet user needs, but there are clues. The page the user is coming from and the keywords used in the link are two solid factors that can tell you what a user is looking for when they come to your site. These things will tell you which page of your site is best suited for that user. Choosing the right landing page can make a huge difference to a site’s retention rate, conversions and return traffic.

Businesses tend to be creatures of habit, particularly when it comes to their websites. Business owners get into the habit of checking in on the website every so often, changing things only when absolutely necessary. SEO comes as a bit of a surprise, but some of the old business habits tend to stay with the site throughout search engine optimisation. Using the same old landing page is one of these frequently unbroken habits.

When you SEO, you can’t afford to assume that the homepage is the best page for every internet user to land on, and link to it out of habit. The possibility that different groups of users will appreciate different pages doesn’t occur to many business owners, and they lose out. Don’t forget to address your landing pages as part of your SEO and link building strategies.

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