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Are you still paying for links?

Are you still paying for links?

Nothing in the world of SEO can be simply created and left alone permanently. Even leaving something for a year before checking on it is a risky thing to do. The search engine optimisation industry, and the search engines themselves, both move far too swiftly for this kind of lax attitude towards your SEO campaign.

The way in which links are, and have been assessed is a good example of how drastically the industry can change over time. In the old system, the search engines took little account of the source of the link. Whether the link came from elsewhere on your site, whether it came from a site with a good reputation or whether it was paid for were all non-considerations.

These days, however, the search engines scrutinise every aspect of a link before it is taken into consideration. When you get a link from a website today, everything about that website has an effect on the value of the link. The relationship between your site and the linking site is also carefully scrutinised. A lot of site owners are discovering to their dismay that Google is using private eye-like tactics and deductive reasoning to track down paid links, placing any ‘bought links profiles’ on shaky ground.

Link assessment has changed over a long time, but individual changes do occur over a short period of time. This is why your link profile needs maintenance. Links are just one area of your SEO that need to be checked periodically to ensure that your site stays on top.

Are you, or is your SEO company, paying for links for your website? It’s probably time you put that practice out to pasture, as its day has definitely been had.

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