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Are you offering enough online?

Are you offering enough online?

I had that experience that everyone had this last Christmas. Stuck in snow for the most part, and running around wildly with three million others when I finally could get out and shop. Stuck in the middle of the throng, I realised something: I didn’t have to be there. I could do all of my shopping online.

Sitting at home, later, with a cup of hot cider in one hand and a mouse in the other, I reflected that this was the only way to shop. The next day, though, I was out in the throng again. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do everything I needed online, and that’s what I want to talk about.

Given the audience for online shopping here in the UK, it’s crazy that so many businesses are still using their websites like an online business card. Customers are open to doing everything through websites, but many companies still only stubbornly transact offline.

There are SEO considerations for using your site as a business portal, but there are even more search engine optimisation benefits. Constant action on your site will bring the search engines around more frequently, and more positive customer reviews can’t hurt either.

This isn’t just about the convenience to me, although obviously that’s important. It’s about stepping up to the existing market. One of your SEO jobs should be to upgrade your site to meet market needs. If you’re still using your site just as an advertisement, you’re aiming too low, and you’re making me go out in the snow.

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