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Are some industries too stuck in their ways for content?

Are some industries too stuck in their ways for content?

I have been speaking with a rather intelligent non-tech person from within the industry in the past few days.  He knows the ins and outs of his own industry and the online marketing game – a great combination.

However, I was rather struck at his insistence of the use of links as by far the main driver for future success on the search engines.  I’m sure, mainly because of his determination, that his brand will achieve its goals eventually, but I cannot help thinking that it will be a much more smoother process by using content in the correct way in tandem with his chosen method of SEO.

Being one-dimensional when it comes to promoting a website is either suicide or a delay of rewards in my own personal opinion, but I’m sure its the same for the other Stuck On members also.

A strategic approach to the overall marketing campaign, with link building (if you so choose), social bookmarking, online advertising is all well and good, but if you are not suplementing this with great content too, both on and off-site, then not only will it delay the overall process, it will also give less value to your whole marketing campaign.

When a goal is acheived and a top 10 position is had, what do you have to show for it?  Some links that could be removed quite easily.  Social bookmarking links/comments that will always be dropping down the page.  Online advertising lasts for as long as you pay for it…so whats left after all this effort, to sustain the progress made?  In my opinion, not enough.  If done well (and this person is doing this EXTREMELY well), it will have great impact, but in my heart of hearts (and from 7 years of experience and seeing the difference with and without the thought of content as just another workflow project), it will absolutely dilute and delay, and ultimately be the downfall of the project at hand.

A gloomy post, but one that I mean sincerely.

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