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Are product descriptions classed as content?

Are product descriptions classed as content?

It’s a question that many website owners ask. Do the product descriptions on your site count as regularly updated content? Surely, if you’re adding new products to your site every day, you’re creating new pages, and you’ll get the Google kudos for the content?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, every new product you add should create a new page, rich with content, that can be indexed by Google. But no, when you create a new product on your site all too often the content on that page, the product description, will have come from the manufacturer, and as such will be the same content as that on other websites that carry the product.

Therefore, by adding new products to your website all you’re doing is creating page upon page of duplicate content, content that is the same on numerous other sites.

There are ways round this though. Firstly you could rewrite the product descriptions yourself, or get someone to do it for you. That way, every product you add will have a unique description that isn’t on any other website. Iwantoneofthose.com for example does this, as their team of editors write unique descriptions for every product on the site.

If that seems like too much hard work, you could add a ‘noindex’ tag to the product description so that Google ignores it, but then you’ll need something on the page to make it worthwhile. Perhaps user submitted reviews of the products, like Amazon.com?

Remember, of the content you add is provided by the manufacturer, it will be the same as content on other sites, therefore duplicate.

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