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Are big changes in Google search really coming?

Are big changes in Google search really coming?

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about how Google will soon be rolling out changes that will make a big difference to the search results it is able to deliver. These changes are to enable Google to give more direct answers to its searchers and to enable a better understanding of the words used in the search queries carried out. Whilst this sounds impressive, for some this doesn’t sound like anything Google hasn’t already been working on for a number of years now.

More facts and direct answers are to be displayed at the top of the results pages when a search is carried out and “semantic search” is to play a bigger role in things. However, Google’s interest and use of semantic search, arguably, began in 2003 and has increased in the years since then, with updates and blog posts on the subject having been made. Direct answers and facts have also had their place in the search results for a number of years too, so the newness of this is also being questioned.

However, even if Google is not making any major changes to its search in the near future, information like this is an important reminder of the importance of search engine optimisation and the need to set aside time for SEO jobs on your site. Websites have to feature relevant and well-written content and have to be optimised for Google and the other search engines in the best way possible if they are to be ranked highly in the future.

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