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‘Apprentice’ error underlines need for accuracy in new businesses

‘Apprentice’ error underlines need for accuracy in new businesses

For one of the teams taking part in the 2012 series of BBC TV show The Apprentice, a spelling mistake meant that their new product lacked credibility and ultimately failed to impress.

The two teams on the reality show had been given the task of creating a new sauce or chutney. Team Phoenix decided to made an Italian-influenced sauce with the name Bellissimo. Incredibly, despite not knowing whether bellissimo began with a ‘b’ or a ‘v’, the team decided to use the name without checking the spelling. In the end, the product was launched with the name incorrectly printed as ‘Belissimo’, attracting ridicule from food experts and Italian speakers who spotted the error immediately.

The experience of Team Phoenix underlines one of the main challenges facing new businesses. When competing with more established brands or trying to sell to experts, it’s vital to be prepared and professional from the word go. This means that any use of specialised terms must be checked for accuracy, as you’ll always encounter people who will spot errors at a glance.

The services of copywriters help many businesses to create the right impression. A good copywriting agency will have professional writers on board and editors to prevent any errors from slipping through. This can save time and money in the long term, by making sure that everything is done properly from the start, as well as saving businesses from the embarrassment of finding out about their mistakes when they’re trying to launch or sell products.

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