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Annual ‘zeitgeist’ reveals top searches for 2012

Annual ‘zeitgeist’ reveals top searches for 2012

Europe has toppled London in a war of the search terms, as search engine company Google reveals its 2012 ‘zeitgeist’. Unsurprisingly, major events in the capital and across the country were also popularly searched for, as the lists present a few clues as to what is ahead for SEO.

Topping the list this year was ‘Euro 2012’, as the football competition hosted by Poland and the Ukraine piqued people’s interests in the UK. Second placed was ‘tickets to Olympics’.

Coming in at third, was Whitney Houston, with the star’s death in mid-February causing many to take to the web.

Surprisingly, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee did not even hit the top ten.

Ranking at number’s four to nine were: ‘Kate Middleton’, ‘April Jones’, ‘Netflix’, ‘NatWest online’, ‘iPad 3’ and ‘Gary Barlow’. The Korean viral sensation, ‘Gangnam Style’, sneaked into tenth place.

Though heavily focused on the year’s events, there is some information for search engine optimisation content creators to consider. There are no globally-major sporting events in 2013, but the Africa Cup of Nations may do well for example.

Other assumptions that can be made are that the year will see the death of a number of celebrities in spurious circumstances, major product releases and other major news cases. Tying in regular content on blogs and social media on these stories as they break could well attract additional traffic.

Looking further into the trends of search for 2012 also uncovers more clues about SEO for 2013, but more about those in the next post.

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