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Americans favour Facebook over Google

Americans favour Facebook over Google

A survey conducted by Nielson, the world leader of information provision has revealed that Americans spend more time using Facebook and other social networking sites than search engines and email. Social media sites account for 22.5 percent of the time spent by Americans, ahead of email which only accounts for 7.6 percent.

Although Google previously held the lion’s share of the search engine market in the United States, figures from a company which monitors Internet traffic, comScore revealed that Google’s share had dipped slightly to 64.8 percent in August from 65.1 percent in July. Bing increased its share by 0.3 percent and may even double its share since 2009.

YouTube accounts for 9.1 billion minutes spent online by Americans, and eBay takes up 4.5 billion minutes of time. In the US Facebook has greater demand than Twitter, which only takes up 565.2 million minutes of their time. In other countries, including the United Kingdom Twitter has greater popularity than Facebook, although it does still have 30 million users in the UK alone.

The report also gave a valuable insight into the way that people access the Internet, with PCs remaining the favourite medium. Over 97 percent of people surveyed by Nielson connected to the ‘net using a PC, with 37 percent using a smartphone.

This information may be incorporated into a successful search engine optimisation strategy, although the varying trends in the US and UK could make some SEO jobs much harder. However, one certain aspect is that people are continuing to use social media and Google, with both playing valuable roles in SEO.

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