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Amazon launches new TV streaming and online gaming service


Amazon launches new TV streaming and online gaming service

Online retailing site Amazon has announced the introduction of its latest product, Amazon Fire TV, an internet connected TV set-top box.

The product, similar to Apple TV, allows customers to stream content directly from Amazon’s vast film and television libraries, as well as access other video-on-demand services and games. The product is controlled with a Bluetooth remote that doesn’t need to be pointed at the television for it to work.

The firm has also revealed that it has formed partnerships with EA, Sega and Disney, as the device can be used for gaming purposes, and hopes to add thousands of new titles in the coming months to its gaming service, Amazon Games Studio.

Amazon’s reputation management strategy seems to suggest that it wishes to expand the products and services in its portfolio and enter new markets, which is evident through the release of its remodelled online video streaming service, Amazon Prime Instant video, last month. This new product now places the firm in direct competition with other internet heavyweights such as Google and Apple, which each has similar products available to consumers.

Peter Larsen, Amazon Kindle Executive, has said that the device will “make complexity disappear”. Larsen suggests that Amazon knows what consumers want based on customer reviews on the company’s online store website. He explained:

“We’re selling millions of streaming media devices on Amazon.com, so we hear what’s working; we hear what’s not working.”

The company’s latest innovation will cost consumers $99 (£59) and is currently only available in the US.

Alan Littler

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