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Amazon challenges Google for its monopoly on search

Amazon challenges Google for its monopoly on search

Google may soon be facing its biggest challenge as Amazon reports a massive increase in searches made directly from the website. According to recent data released by ComScore, the number of searches made on the Amazon site increased by 73 per cent in the last 12 months. The report also revealed that net sales have risen by 29 per cent, pushing sales to £8.1 billion. Around 20 per cent of Google traffic overall is in commercial searches, with users looking to make a purchase.

Advertising also features heavily on the Google search pages, but with Amazon having a variety of ads on its product pages and such a wide range of merchandise, consumers are flocking straight to the online store. This could have a huge impact on Google and the businesses which make the search engine company a part of their search engine optimisation programme. The founder of i-KOS digital ad agency, Myles Davidson said:

“Google versus Amazon is quickly becoming a battle of the giants. The threat to Google is if large enough volumes of consumers looking to buy products stop searching Google and instead simply enter the Amazon store.

“This would capsize Google’s advertising model, as retailers would get fewer clicks, which means less revenue.”

However, Google is investing heavily in the mobile market and according to a report produced by the Boston Consulting Group, 80 per cent of internet users will gain access using a mobile phone. As use of the web changes over the coming years, SEO will feature heavily in a company’s marketing strategy, from Chester to Cambridge.

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