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Always re-stock your SEO store cupboard

Always re-stock your SEO store cupboard

The other day, to my horror, I discovered that Pot Noodles can go bad. In all my experience of Pot Noodle, the thought that it was perishable food had never occurred to me. I had begun to believe that nothing short of nuclear holocaust could affect the edibility (that what it is) of this hardy little snack.

So imagine my surprise when I had my first forkful of a Pot Noodle I’d dug out of my pantry, only to find that it had gone terribly, terribly wrong. I won’t describe the taste. Suffice it to say that it was not what I was expecting – although wasn’t far off to be honest.

Of course, on looking at the date on the side of the cup, I did discover that that particular pot of noodles was due to meet its maker by October 2009. Still, there was something surprising about the fact that the good, old, reliable Pot Noodle was actually capable of perishing over time.

The same can be said for very good SEO work. When a search engine optimisation plan is executed particularly well, the effects can last for a startlingly long time. This can lull the site owner into a feeling of invincibility, believing that their SEO and their website is untouchable. While they’re cruising along on the hard work of their SEO company, however, things are slowly decaying under the surface. Not only are competitors fighting to catch up, but the Internet will be changing around them – and Google does love to change.

It’s absolutely vital to keep up with your SEO, even after the initial hard work is done. Much as a pantry won’t survive forever, no matter how well stocked, your SEO plan equally needs maintenance and a regular refreshing of its stock in order to avoid going stale.

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