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Adult content remains most popular use of the internet

Adult content remains most popular use of the internet

Most of us are aware that the online adult content industry is rather successful, and has been since the very beginning. That it remains popular is not really news therefore but, the fact that some pertinent figures have recently been analysed, certainly is.

The data has been collated by US blog ExtremeTech using the web analytics tool DoubleClick Ad Planner from Google, to look at comparative data from sites such as Xvideos.

The period of study showed that both of these sites were extremely heavily used, with 4.4 billion and 2.1 billion page views per month respectively. To put that into perspective, the much admired bbc.co.uk sees an average of 2.5 billion visits in an average month.

Continuing the theme, people are likely to spend five minutes on a news website. Conversely, the average time spent on an adult site is 15 minutes.

Having such a high level of customer retention is something that SEOs strive for, with very few managing to hit such figures on a consistent basis.

Another interesting statistic in the analysis showed that a quarter of visitors were women.

In financial terms, the average wage of visitors was £23,600, whilst only 2% of visitors earned more than £100,000 annually.

The tool used in this analysis is open to anyone and can make for interesting reading across any industry or interest. Indeed, it is likely that those in the world of search have employed it themselves for some purpose or another.

That it continues to reveal interesting facts about a subject already quite well known, shows its continued significance.

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